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Advantage Power® Affiliate Program [Free]

Affiliate Program Includes the Solafied® Product Lines

Registration and On Going Costs

This affiliate program is free to join and has no ongoing costs other than what you may spend on your own marketing efforts should you choose to do so.

How To Video

At the bottom of this page is a quick affiliate registration process run through video just so that you know what to expect. It is still highly recommended that you read the following before viewing the video.


To save on marketing costs such as telemarketing, to provide an additional income opportunity to others, to provide a tool to reward customers who spread the word about products they love, and to provide a better deal to customers, Advantage Power® uses the affiliate marketing model. Basically you are not an employee or work for Advantage Power®, however, we pay you commissions on products buying customers you send to us purchase. Commissions vary depending on the product or products purchased and your customer is your customer for the life of the program. It is even better than that. Advantage Power® is one business in the Innovative eMarketing Pty Ltd group of businesses which has a growing number of market category websites ranging from health and beauty products, to the Solar Systems. Your Advantage Power® customer is your customer no matter which site they visit and shop from. As a customer to one site, they are automatically a registered customer at all sites in the group.

After one of your customers purchases product, a commission total is passed to the affiliate system. Once you have a commission total of over $10 and after a number of days to make sure the sale actually goes through, you are paid the total commission via PayPal. Naturally if a sale is reversed for some reason, the commission would also be reversed as expected. The beauty about this is that you are being paid just for sending customers to the sites and we are very grateful for this.

How Does it Work

When you register online as a free Advantage Power® affiliate you will provide an affiliate code name or number. As founder of this business my code is "founder". So if I send an email to someone, put up a social media posting, put up a banner ad somewhere, hand out a flyer or business card, make a blog post, or what ever, I use either OR

You of course would substitute "founder" with the code you register with.

Now when a potential customer follows the link a cookie should be created on their computer for each of our sites noting you as their referrer. If they do not register as a customer yet, when they come back to the site or to one of our other sites in the group, you will be still noted as the referrer if the cookies are still their and if they have not used a different referrer code. However, once they register as a customer on one of the group sites, even without making a purchase, they are permanently linked to you in the database as your customer. So it is safer having then register as a customer than relying on the cookies.

The Registration Process

There is more affiliate information on a later page before you register. We have also added this short video that runs you through the simple process so that you know what’s to follow.

If already registered as a customer view this video, otherwise, view the video below.



To register either click the "Log In" link on the top right of the page or the following link: Click to Register



To register either click the "Log In" link on the top right of the page or the following link: Click to Register