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Zero out the power portion of your electricity bills today!
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Free Alternative Power Introduction

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We know that it is a fact of life that energy prices are going to keep increasing over time for the foreseeable future.  The number of people that are not financially keeping up with the price rises already is increasing daily, and we consume power in nearly everything we do.


Why live in fear of these price rises and try to cut back on power consumption when there is an available solution?  Wouldn't it be nice to turn on the heater when it cools down, or put the aircon on to escape the heat without thinking of the price consequences and wondering if you can afford the next power bill.  Well, Advantage Power® has partnered with Solafied®, our supplier of high quality hybrid power systems, to bring the solution to you and your family.



What is the solution?

Advantage Power® with Solafied® can totally zero out the power portion of your electricity bills and protect you from future power price rises that are coming.  All this while allowing you to maintain your current power usage.  You could even earn an income from selling power back to the grid, but the main point is to stop your payments to the grid for power, for good.


This is achieved by using Tear 1 top grade solar panels, German designed WiFi controlled Smart Hybrid Inverters, and new high tech very efficient long lasting compact LiFePO4 batteries.  In recent times technology in this field has increased tremendously especially with batteries, of which LiFePO4 are a leading example.  These systems using the Smart Hybrid Inverters can be fine tuned to your circumstances and requirements.  They can even update your smart device with what they are doing.  Even if you are in a location where the grid authorities do not allow any more solar systems to be added due to transformer issues, our system is designed to meet their requirements where others can't, and thereby, will usually be approved.  Now that is great news for many people, allowing them to now take advantage of the free power they were going to miss out on.

What is the guarantee?

The Solafied® system has an impressive guarantee that surpasses many others.  Solafied® can do this due to the superior quality of the products and the expert installation that is tested every step of the way.  We also know that even the very best Tier 1 solar panels lose some efficiency over time so Solafied® has taken this into account with the system specifications when designing this long term usage package.  We want you to have the piece of mind of knowing that in the long term you will have power in the event of grid power outages.  So, the Solafied Tier 1 solar panels have a 25 Lineal Year Guarantee, the German designed 4.6KW inverter has a 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee, and the hi-tech LiFePO4 Batteries used with our inverter also has a 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.  We want you to be happily saving money with your system in 20 years time, it is a simple as that.

How is Advantage Power® able to be so competative?

In the excitement that these power packages have been creating some people have asked us, “how is it that you can be so competitive at this high level of quality?”.  There are a few reasons that work together in synergy to achieve this.  As we are aiming to be a driving force in this clean energy sector, we knew that we had to offer superior quality and service at a great price.  Quality is key, as we are here for the long term, so it is pointless using the cheap inferior components that are on the market. Therefore we waited until the LiFePO4 batteries were affordably available, and instead of one company inefficiently doing everything, we put together a team of companies that were experienced and efficient at what they do.  This team is headed up by Solafied® and it is this team structure that really makes savings for the customers. Further, we chose to spend little on advertising, not use expensive telemarketing which is popular in this sector, and to instead pay for referrals via our affiliate system. It is a real win-win-win outcome for everyone and a huge win for the environment.

How about going Off-Grid?

So what if you are not on the grid or want to get off the grid?  Advantage Power's® Solafied® Systems can be set up as an Off-Grid System where it has no connection to the grid at all.  This is great for rural and holiday houses, work camps, farms, and more.  As with the Hybrid System you can hook up a backup generator or other sources of power such as a wind generator for the unlikelihood that you may temporarily run out of stored power due to something like an extended period of extremely overcast weather and high power usage.  Some people may simply opt for a larger system just in case, which is another good idea.  We can even just increase the LiFePO4 battery storage capacity or solar panels adding to the array of possible solutions for you.  Another idea would be to replace all of your lighting with very efficient LED lighting from Advantage Lighting.  There is nothing like the feeling of freedom from being self-sufficient for power off the grid.  It is our belief and aim that one day every one will be able to find this freedom.

Advantage Power® with Solafied® has multiple system sizes and can supply custom systems for even commercial buildings such as supermarkets.  Supermarkets for example spend a fortune on power for cooling and lighting.  We can help to really slash these expensive power bills in a very environmentally friendly way and to substantially increase your bottom line allowing you to be more competitive.

I Already Have Some Solar Panels!

What if I already have solar installed on my house?  Our systems are very flexible and can work with these installations as well so that you are not left out and behind.  We simply increase your solar array to the required output if it needs increasing, nearly all do, we then replace the inverter with our high quality German designed Smart Hybrid Inverter that is WiFi controlled, and install the high tech long life storage LiFePO4 batteries.  Now, instead of having your power bill partially subsidised by the sun, you will be able to zero out the power portion of your electricity bills totally.  And when a night time blackout occurs in you neighbourhood, you will be non the wiser due to the LiFePO4 batteries supplying you free energy for your lighting, fridge, tv, and such unless you are looking out of the window at the other blacked out houses with that self satisfied reassured feeling.

This is too complicated!

So you say that this is all too complicated for me and I do not fully understand what a Hybrid, On-Grid, or Off Grid System is, or even if it can be installed in your house or business.  Yes this is cutting edge stuff that takes a bit to absorb and up to now people may have been telling you that you can't entirely zero the power portion of your power bill out.  You may have also heard that the problem with solar is that you can't store enough power.  With this in mind, it is very important to us at Advantage Power® that you get the full picture so that you can make the right choice for you and your family.  Firstly you can get some more information by looking around this site, and secondly, and most importantly, you can complete an Obligation Free Expression of Interest Form on this site now where you will be asked a few easy questions.  After Solafied® receives it they will then arrange a suitable time with you for a representative to speak with you.  In this meeting the system options will be explained, you can have your questions answered, and we will assess your houses requirements so that we can give you an accurate quote.  With the quote and one of your average power bills, we will be able to give you a very good indication as to how long the system will take to pay off by using the money you would have normally spent on power anyway, and when you may start putting all that money you are now paying to the power companies back into your own pocket.  Imagine years of not having to pay out for power bills and spending it on other things that matter to you in your life.

How much is the investment?

How much will this investment cost me?  The first thing to know is that we have really sharpened our pencils and that we are very competitive when comparing apples with apples.  We are aiming to be the largest quality long term supplier of home alternative power systems in Australia and to supply internationally.  While we have a range of systems with set prices every installation is different due to a number of variables such as the user's requirements, location, roof type, orientation and angle of the roof, condition or existing power board, and the list goes on.  So we have one of our experts personally assess your requirements obligation free to provide you with a quote for the supply and installation.  Fortunately, most quotes are equal to our listed kit prices.  We also handle the administration with the power companies for you to make this as simple and as pleasurable as possible.  After all, we want it to be an exciting time for you.

Do I have to buy a complete system?

While complete power systems are the best way to go, if that is not what you require, you are certainly very welcome to order parts or partial systems to meet your needs from this site and LED lighting from  If you can not find what you need, please contact us to see what we can do to help.

What is the next step?

If you think that an Advantage Power® Solafied® system may be for you because you are sick of increasing power bills or quality of the grid power, not to mention the benefits to the environment, then please fill out the Obligation Free Expression of Interest Form now.  Should you for some reason change your mind and decide to keep paying for your power into the feature, you can cancel your Expression of Interest Form at any time by phone or email.

What is the process?

Within days after completing the Expression of Interest Form a representative from Solafied® will contact you to discuss your specific situation and requirements.  From there you will either be given a quote or a Solafied® expert will be sent to meet with you to discuss everything further, answer your questions, and to asses the location in greater detail before giving you an obligation free quote.  So if free green stable power interests you, please make the smart move and complete the Expression of Interest Form now.

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