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Home > Solar How-Tos and Information> Inverter: Z21 Zeus Apollo Series Hybrid Solar Online Monitoring Setup

Solar How-Tos and Information> Inverter: Z21 Zeus Apollo Series Hybrid Solar Online Monitoring Setup

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Inverter: Z21 Zeus Apollo Series Hybrid Solar Online Monitoring Setup

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Important Note: While we are providing the instructions below to connect the Zeus Apollo Z21 monitoring, we still make the connection for you as part of the installation.

Z21 Inverter

Zeus Appollo™ is dedicated to providing the best, most sophisticated and cost effective PV monitoring software and hardware products available in the PV industry. Users are able to monitor their PV stations effectively via multiple monitoring platforms including web based and app based. Featured with a powerful, comprehensive and easy to operate service platform, Zeus Appollo™ enable users to monitor their PV stations anytime, anywhere. Zeus Appollo™ can help to ensure the effective uptime of PV stations, reducing operational and maintenance costs therefore maximising yield and return of investment.

Z21 Inverter Online Monitoring Setup Video

Translation From Zeus Apollo Z21 Inverter Monitoring Video

How To Install Z21 Zues Apollo Solar Inverter Monitoring

English (Automatic Captions)

The following tutorial will demonstrate how to connect your Z21 series hybrid inverter to the online monitoring portal. This video applies to the grey version of the product sold from February (2017) onwards.

Firstly make a note of the inverter's Serial Number and Check Code located on the left side of the inverter. We will need this information later in the setup process.

The next step can be performed using any device that has Wi-Fi capability such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. For this video I will be using a laptop. Find the Wi-Fi settings of your device and scan for any available local networks. Select the network “Solar Wi-Fi” and enter the password which is 12345678.

Once connected you will need to open up the internet browser on your device. This can be Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or any other web browser you might have. Find the address bar, usually located at the top of the page and type in the following address Once entered, click search. If doesn't work for you, try as it can vary between inverter models.

A web page should open requesting a username and password. Simply type in admin as the username and admin as the password then press ok.

Once the web page has opened click start setup at the bottom of the screen. The inverter will scan for any local Wi-Fi networks. You need to choose the network that provides the internet access to your location. Once chosen, press next.

You must now enter the password for your network. This can normally be found on the bottom of your wireless router device. When entering the password be sure to pay attention to any uppercase or lowercase letters, as they must be entered correctly for this to work. It will not inform you if the password you have entered is wrong, so be sure that you enter it correctly to avoid any problems.

Press next and once you are happy with the settings you have chosen, press complete for the next step. You will need to connect your device back to the internet if it has not already reverted to your standard Wi-Fi network.

Using your browser again go to the website [Use the link button below this text], press register, select the user type terminal user, and complete the required information. We recommend using your email address as the user name to ensure it cannot be forgotten. Press register once the information has been completed.

Your next step involves entering the information related to your installation. You must enter a station name. This can just be a surname, address, or anything else you would like to identify the site. You also have the ability to upload a photo of your installation. Complete the station location data including your address. Set the time zone and also enter the system capacity. If you have six kilowatt of panels, enter six as the capacity. Select the appropriate currency and the amount of the current price you pay for electricity. If you pay 50 cents per kilowatt hour, enter 0.50. If you would like your monitoring data visible to the public you can tick the box approving to share your data publicly.

For the next step press maintain Wi-Fi inverter located at the top of the page. On this page you will need to enter the serial number and check code you made a note of at the start of this process. For the description simply enter Z21and press add.

If you would like to receive email notifications to advise you of your systems performance and any faults that may occur, simply complete the information found under the contacts tab.

Once you are satisfied with all of the information entered, click create station at the bottom of the page. If done correctly your inverter will now broadcast data to this website in 10-minute intervals. You will be able to see real-time information and also historical data online. Monitoring is helpful as it provides you with the ability to check your system performance remotely and be notified if any errors occur. Every day a system is not operating means you are missing out on the financial benefit. It is recommended to check on your system occasionally to make sure everything is running correctly. If you have any questions about this process or the product, contact Advantage Power directly at who should be able to assist you.

Links to Z21 Series Hybrid Inverter Monitoring Portal and Apps:

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