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Advantage Power Products> Off-Grid Hybrid Solafied Solar Power Systems with LiFePO4 Batteries

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Off-Grid Solafied® Expandable Hybrid Solar Power System With LiFePO4 Battery or Batteries

Partner Brand Solafied®

Hybrid Off-Grid Expandable Solar Power System starts with 6KW of high quality Teir 1 solar panels, a German designed 4.6KW WiFi controlled smart inverter, a 10kWh long lasting high tech LiFePO4 battery unit in a cabinet, for the starter package,*delivery, and expert *installation. In most situations, depending on your requirements, this flexible system can be adapted and built upon to provide the necessary power for your needs.

Poduct Details

Our Solafied® Hybrid Power Systems allow you to generate power from the sun, use it as it is being generated, and store excess power in the cutting edge long lasting LiFePO4 batteries to be used when there is no sun. These new technology batteries are considered by many to be a smart and safe alternative to the older Lithium Ion batteries. If you stay connected to the grid, the other advantage of the Solafied® Hybrid Power System is that if for some reason you do happen to run out of stored power, the smart inverters will automatically open access back to the grid until it is no longer required. This however should be a rare occurrence if the size of the system is matched to your requirements.

If on the other hand you are taking control from the power companies and are not connected to the grid with all of it's seemingly ever growing access fees, you also have the piece of mind knowing that if for some reason you require more power, a suitable generator can be safely connected to the system. Again, this should be a rare occurrence but good to know.

It is worth noting that should your power needs grow in time, for example you are installing the system in a growing business, that this system can grow with your needs. At a later date more solar panels and or batteries can be added to work with the existing system. This is a very flexible solution.

One of the free services Solafied$reg; provides after you complete the online obligation free expression of interest form, is that one or more members of the Solafied$reg; team will assess your needs based on the completed online form, your location, your previous power bills, and communications with you. In this way they will help you select the right cutting edge solar battery power system to power your needs. It may be the starter system with a 10kWh LiFePO4 battery, or it could be a multiple of that, or some other combination. Often for an off-the-grid family home the requirements can be around 20kWh worth of batteries.

With this system, huge satisfaction comes from knowing that you are no longer dependent on the power companies with their seemingly ever increasing bills, and that you are doing your bit for the environment and our future. In times of blackouts, you may not even be aware of them until you look out the window and see a dark street before you. While the neighbours are in the quiet dark, your fridge, lights, computer, and TV will all still be running as per normal. Another bonus is that these systems supply clean smooth reliable power to all of your appliances, computers, and lights. This can result in these appliance lasting much longer. We have all heard or experience what power spikes can do to things like expensive computers.

We have also been asked if other power sources can be added to this system such as wind and diesel generators or a group of batteries. The answer is yes. This is a very adaptable system that can be programmed and structured in a number of different ways.

To enquire about or order this system you first need to complete the online Obligation Free Expression of Interest Form so that Solafied® has what they need to asses and discuss the installation with you. We need to make sure that the system is suitable for your power requirements. The form does not take long to complete. Click here to do it now.

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  • For a better understanding of the Solafied® Off-Grid System CLICK HERE.
  • * Denotes that price MAY vary depending on variables such as location and roof design.

If you are keen to move ahead, please complete our Obligation Free Expression of Interest Form to discus details further with a Solafied® representative.

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* : The "*" is to highlight that while most installations will be completed with our list prices, there will however be some installation projects that will require a higher price to allow for situations such as but not limited to, location and complications to do with the installation location. If there is a difference, it will be reflected in your actual quote.

Any solar prices listed on this site or in our promotional material are only applicable where CRTs (Credit Return Points) are approved by the relevant power authority and are allocated to Solafied Pty Ltd before the system installation begins. If CRTs are not available for a given system installation, the price will be re-quoted by Solafied Pty Ltd taking this into account.

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